The urban crisis


Ana Fani Alessandri Carlos
Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas
Karina Veronica Molsing


Cities, Urban Space, Urban Geography, Urbanization, Metageography


Space is one of the main objects of study in Geography. In its complexity, it is more than just what we can see - for example, the place where we live - or simply a natural environment deformed by the presence of man. Since space is also the product of a social and historical representation. And, ultimately, one of the works of the civilization process. This book addresses space production and the role of Geography - in the necessary dialogue with other disciplines - in understanding the modern world in the face of a series of problems of a time in crisis, in which space has been taking on an unprecedented and prominent role. Resulting from a research project and some reflection (always open to debate and questions), this book is essential for professors and students who aim to deeply comprehend urban space today. 


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Biografia do Autor

Ana Fani Alessandri Carlos, Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas

Professor in the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature and Humanities (FFLCH) of University of São Paulo (USP), where she received undergraduate degree and earned her master's (1980), doctorate (987) and habilitation* (2000) in Human Geography. Postdoctoral research at University of Paris VII in 1989 and University of Paris I in 1994. Some books feature prominently among her publications: Espaço-tempo na metrópole (Honorable Mention in Jabuti Awards in Social Sciences in 2002); O espaço Urbano – novos escritos sobre a cidade (2005); A condição espacial (2011). Among the books organized by her: São Paulo, 450 anos: as geografias da metrópole (theree volumes with Ariovaldo U. de Oliveira), Urbanização e mundialização: estudos sobre a metrópole (2004) and Barcelona y São Paulo cara a cara – processos metropolitanos a la hora de la globalización (2006) with Carlos Carreras. She has coordinated international exchanger programs Capes/MECD and Capes/Cofecub (Brazil-France). Member of “La somme et le rest” network, based in Paris, and in Brazil, member of the Urban Studies Research Grup (GEU), coordinator of the Research Group on Radical Critical Urban Geography (GESP) of FFLCH-USP and member of the Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa (NAP), a research support office in University of São Paulo: “Urbanization and Mundialization”. She is a CNPq Research Fellow (lA)



julho 9, 2021


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