The triumphs of turlough : rulebook


Vinicius Marino Carvalho
Universidade de São Paulo. Museu de Arqueologia e Etnologia


Digital archeology, Archeogames, Interactivity, Ireland - medieval history


Tarlac's triumphs manual is part of a project by the Laboratory of Medieval Studies at the University of São Paulo (LEME-USP) and the study group Interactive Archeology and Electronic Simulations (ARISE). The Triumphs of Turlough is a strategy game set between 1276 and 1318. It portraits the strategies taken by the Irish and the English to navigate the traps and opportunities opened up by the conflict. The goal of the game is to end the war between Clann Turlough and Clann Brian Roe on behalf of one side of the conflict. The game ends when one of the claimants is eliminated.



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Capa The triumphs of turlough : rulebook



julho 27, 2022


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